The PowerElec project, jointly supported by the European Commission and the participating countries within the European Association of National Metrology Institutes (EURAMET) focuses on development of novel metrological methods and instrumentation supporting a step-change in productivity of the power electronics industry.

Electrification of transport, smart power distribution, and 5G/6G communications are instrumental in underpinning the European Green Deal and boosting the EU’s global competitiveness. Power electronics is crucial to these technologies and European companies are leading the transition from silicon to wide bandgap compound semiconductors. These materials offer huge benefits in terms of performance, but the manufacturing yield and long-term reliability are affected by material defects, which are hard to identify and characterise at the fabrication facility with existing techniques. Goal of the PowerElec project is to develop metrology techniques overcoming these limitations, joining efforts of National Metrology Institutes and partners from industry and academia.

PowerElec project is brought to you by the EMPIR - The European Metrology Programme for Innovation and Research, which connects European metrology institutes, academia and industry to face new challenges in metrology.